Where to begin

My husband, Jim, bought a mountain bike for me as a present for Mother’s Day, May 9, 2010. You may be thinking, “Why on earth would he do such a thing for his wife, why would she even want that?” My answer is: because I asked for it! Well, I asked for a bike. We went to a bike store. The guy says, “Do you want a road bike or a mountain bike?” I look at Jim, because I have no idea the difference between the two (hence, the name “novice mountain biking adventures”). Jim looks at me (knowing I have almost zero experience in ANY type of biking) and says, “Well, you don’t really want to ride on the road, do you?” (Thinking I may kill myself more quickly that way.) “No”, I reply, not realizing the alternative. “So you want a mountain bike, then.” ….”Yes….” I reply, wondering what all that entails.

As it ended up, Jim and I both left the bike store that day with mountain bikes, and I am so glad, because I would never have had the courage to go it alone. Since that day, I have learned a lot, wrecked a lot, and ENJOYED it a lot! I only wish I had started the blog then, as I have many stories already. As it is, I will highlight these adventures as I go, interweaving them with my daily adventures from this point on.


About Ruthie Gray

Blogger of humorous stories and parenting advice. Mom of the fab four, wife of the funny guy, Gigi to the Tiny Tornado, child of God, near empty nester. I still don't understand why God created football.
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